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Wireless Sensor Networks

Sensors play an increasingly important role in the monitoring and recording of conditions in a range of locations, and in multiple applications including manufacturing environments, process automation, agriculture etc.

Wireless sensors are used to measure numerous parameters including temperature, vibration, and pressure depending on the application and are often part of a wider network which enables for  more accurate monitoring of phenomena.  As advances are made in sensor technology, a major challenge still exists around being able supply power reliably and safety  to all sensors within such networks.  This becomes even more complicated when power needs to be supplied to sensors in dirty, and difficult industrial environments.

PowerbyProxi’s advanced wireless power technology provides a safe and convenient alternative to ensure efficient delivery of power to multiple sensors simultaneously.  We call it the Proxi-Loom.  The Proxi-Loom creates a true Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) which eliminates many of the design constraints and costs associated involved in a traditional wired sensor environment.

We are also able to implement a wireless data transmission solution which can be integrated alongside our wireless power solutions – Proxi-Com. The combination of wireless power and data provides a means to increase the number of sensors and complexity of networks without adding to the sheer volume (and costs) of physical cables.

Wireless Sensor Network Benefits

  • Reliable and safe power transfer in hazardous environments 
  • Multiple physical power and data cables can be replaced by a single cable , carrying both power and data
  • Reduces the mass of physical cables used to transmit power and data to sensors
  • Reduces assembly and material costs and well as increasing efficiency over traditional physical connectors
  • Connect more devices to sensor networks with wireless connectors

Wireless Power and Data solutions

Continued advancement in inductive power transmission means that in the future, wireless power could replace most of the electrical and data cables used in many of these applications, leading to greater overall efficiency and a significant reduction in material and assembly costs.

Wireless Harnesses:

Proxi-Loom technology has the ability to power multiple sensors from a track loop without any physical contact.

Wireless Data Transmission:

Proxi-Com is a unique wireless data solution built to work in tandem with our range of wireless power solutions.  Developed to support numerous industrial digital and analogue protocols, the Proxi-Com is available as both an integrated or standalone wireless solution.


  • Process Automation
  • Automotive
  • Mining
  • Materials Handling
  • Agriculture
  • Marine