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Waterproof Connectors

Waterproof connectors enable reliable and consistent delivery of power in water-based environments.  Wireless power technology is based on the transmission of power through an electromagnetic field between two sealed surfaces, delivering unique advantages in water-based, marine and deep-sea environments where power transmission can be inconsistent and prone to corrosion.


Waterproof power

Wireless power enables the transmission of power between two surfaces through any non-metallic material.  The greatest advantage of wireless power in marine or deep sea environments is that power transfer is waterproof.  Both the transmitting and receiver surfaces of a wireless power system are hermetically sealed – meaning no water ingress, no corrosion of contact points and greater reliability of power transfer.

How waterproof connectors work

The diagram below highlights how wireless power technology enables waterproof or sealed connection points and efficient transfer of power through any non-metallic medium, including water:


DC power in is converted to AC within the transmitter so that it can be transferred via an electromagnetic field to the receiver device.  This field is created when two complementary coils are tuned and placed within close proximity – this process is explained in greater detail on our Wireless Power page.  Alternating current (AC) is converted back into DC power in the receiver which is used to power the subsequent device, or recharge the battery – depending on the application.  Both the transmitter and receiver coils are sealed within a front end cap of the wireless power system – there is no physical connection point between the transmitter and receiver.

Power connector corrosion

Corrosion is the result of the deterioration or gradual breakdown of metal via a chemical reaction, through the combination of several factors including water, oxygen and other metals.  For power connectors, this most often occurs at the connection point itself, particularly if connectors are submerged in water.   The most common corrosion issues in marine or deep sea environments are connector surface and housing corrosion.

Wireless power technology removes the physical plug or connection point for power transfer, eliminating water ingress and associated corrosion.  The front surface or cap of all our contact-less power transfer solutions are non-metallic, further removing the risk of corrosion of the housing itself, and ensuring greater peace-of-mind for reliable power transfer.

Wireless Connectors available for order

We have a number of current off-the shelf and modular products, that can reliably transfer power and data while immersed underwater.  We have also designed custom solutions for a number of customers with unique requirements for power transfer.

pm100-transparentProxi-Module 100W: The Proxi-Module 100W (PM100) is the first generation of the Proxi-Module.  The Proxi-Module is the world’s first modular wireless power system enabling anyone to adapt and integrate wireless power effortlessly into their products – particularly advantageous in water based environments as customers are able to build sealed, specialised enclosures to their specifications.

Proxi-Point 12W (M30):  This device ensures up to 12 watts of power and data transfer (GPIO) up to 7mm and at an IP67 rating.  The Proxi-Point 12W (M30) has rotational capabilities up to 1250 rpm (tested) and is the highlight density wireless power solution on the market with an industry standard M30 form factor.

Proxi-Point 150W:  This device can transfer up to 240 watts of power both as a stationary point-to-point connector and also wireless slip-ring.  FCC certified with an IP68 rating, the Proxi-Point 150W is our largest and most robust capacity solution, with over 80% efficiency.

Other advantages of wireless waterproof connectors

Aside from the benefits associated with wireless power under water, wireless connections also enable for other advantages over traditional power connectors, including:

  • Safe disconnection under load without arcing
  • Environmental sealing against abrasive particles, dust and dirt contaminants
  • Zero insertion force mating
  • Unlimited mating cycles
  • Wide misalignment tolerance makes it ideal for “blind mating” applications

If you would like us to help you understand how wireless power might work in your application, then please contact us.

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