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PowerbyProxi at Wireless Power World – Part 2

October 11, 2012 / 0 Comments / 163 / Features
This post is a continuation of Fady’s speech at Wireless Power World 2012.  Part 1 of the speech can be found here.

You know, the funny thing is, wireless power is the oldest new technology ever.  The University of Auckland has been a Wireless Power Centre of Excellence since the 1980s when it started developing real customer solutions. My Professor John Boys filed our first patents in 1991. We regard John as the Godfather of wireless power.

Our CTO, Dr Patrick Hu moved to Auckland from Xian specifically to study wireless power at Auckland. He too has trained many of our PhD’s.

PowerbyProxi was spun-out from The University of Auckland. Today, at the time of writing we have over 125+ patents with over 900+ claim (real patents, protecting real products I should add).

Many of you will be familiar with HaloIPT – which Qualcomm recently acquired. Like us, HaloIPT was also a University of Auckland spin-out. Now just to clear up some confusion, HaloIPT or now Qualcomm has an exclusive license to the University of Auckland’s wireless power portfolio, for use in the field of recharging electric vehicles.

In addition to our own portfolio, PowerbyProxi has an exclusive license to the same Univ. of Auckland portfolio but for all consumer electronics devices, semiconductors and batteries (in addition to several other industrial application fields).

Who remembers early pioneers Splashpower? So as a company, we took a different path and chose to focus on unplugging the power cable in wet, dirty and moving industrial applications whilst maturing our technology to the point we believed consumers would embrace.

We have leveraged this experience building solutions for the most difficult and demanding industrial applications in the consumer space.

We’ve miniaturized our loosely coupled wireless power

  • By successfully integrating our receivers into the smallest form factors – the AA battery to make ubiquitous charging a reality for literally millions of existing devices
  • We will soon launch the world’s smallest wireless power receiver IC
  • We’ve developed a 3D transmitter providing freedom of charging in the X, Y and Z axis to maximize the customer experience