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Make any Consumer Device Running on AA batteries Wirelessly Rechargeable

September 17, 2012 / 2 Comments / 537 / Consumer Electronics Solutions

There are hundreds of millions of Consumer Electronics devices that run on AA batteries and hundreds of millions more ship every year. Examples of devices are: digital cameras, portable game players, portable music players, Xbox 360 game controllers, Xbox 360 headsets, Nintendo Wii game controllers, TV remote, DVR remotes, children’s toys, …

Many consumers buy disposable AA batteries to keep their device running.  When batteries lose their charge, consumers throw them away and replace them with new ones.  The process is: remove the old ones, throw them away, and make sure the new ones are correctly inserted or the device will not work.  Where do the old ones go?  In a toxic landfill, of course.  Imagine how many tons of toxic batteries are disposed of every year!

What are the alternatives?

You can certainly purchase rechargeable AA batteries.  When batteries run low, you remove them and place them in a battery charger.  The benefits are that you don’t have to keep purchasing new batteries and you are a good corporate citizen on not adding to the toxic waste problem.  However, you still have to remove the batteries from the device, place them in a charger, and make sure you correctly insert them back into your device.

PowerbyProxi has taken this to the next level of user convenience with wirelessly rechargeable AA batteries which utilizes our unique miniaturized receiver technology.   Any device that runs on AA batteries instantly becomes a wirelessly rechargeable device by replacing the disposable batteries with the new wirelessly rechargeable AA batteries.  When batteries run low, you simply place the device into the charger, no need to remove the batteries.  It is practical and as simple as that.  This new way of charging is referred to as “In-Device Charging” thanks to PowerbyProxi’s innovation and leadership in wireless power.

Imagine this convenience: no need to keep buying more disposable batteries; no need for the cumbersome step of removing batteries from the device; and no need to correctly replace the batteries in the device.   In addition, you are a good corporate citizen by reducing the growth in toxic landfills.

Refer to the link for a video example. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aqf3b7hqsxw

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 Tony Francesca is VP of Business Development – Consumer Technologies