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Partnerships, Investment and moving house

October 7, 2013 / 0 Comments / 212 / Consumer Electronics Solutions, Features

There are a lot of exciting things happening of late at PowerbyProxi and in the broader wireless power industry – all in all it has kept me very busy and is partly the reason my last blog post was 3 months ago! (my travel manager tells me I have flown over 160,000 kms to meet with our many customers and partners).

All those air miles later, it is a particular privilege to welcome Samsung, who join TE Connectivity as one are our strategic partners in wireless power – more on that later.

Two weeks ago, to cope with exponential growth, our Auckland office (where all our clever R&D is done) moved across Victoria Park into our big new home at 43 College Hill, Freemans Bay Bay in Auckland. The dreaded move went seamlessly thanks to our wonderful Executive Assistant.

A few days prior to that move, we also welcomed Qualcomm to the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) at their Qingdao, China meeting. At that meeting Tony Francesca (our VP of Business Development, Consumer Technologies) was also appointed to Chair the WPC’s Resonance Task Force (part of the Low Power Working Group).

The most exciting thing however is that last week we announced our strategic partnership with Samsung – after a courtship that lasted a couple of years. When we founded the company in 2007, we knew that Consumer Electronics was going to be a key market for us, but it was still too early for the technology back then.  This partnership is further evidence that wireless power is fast becoming mainstream in Consumer Electronics.

For me personally, this marks the commercial realization of work that started many years ago when I was a student at The University of Auckland. We are now well positioned to leverage our wireless power technology (find out more info on wireless power) in both the consumer and industrial market segments with Samsung and TE Connectivity as strategic partners respectively.

The deal consists of an equity investment from Samsung Venture Investment in addition to a strategic licensing agreement with Samsung Electro-Mechanics.

It is certainly a very exciting time for us at PowerbyProxi. The partnership with Samsung in particular is significant for us given they have also been one of the earliest proponents of wireless power. Many Galaxy and Note smartphones have had wireless charging ports as standard for some time now, as an example.

In announcing the deal, Vice President, Hugh Kim, Director of Wireless Charging Development said “Our research identified PowerbyProxi as a leader in wireless power technology based on its expertise, track record and comprehensive patent portfolio.”

The partnership will enable us to leverage our wireless power technology and IP to deliver the best user experience to a mass audience. We are certainly excited to be working with Samsung.

With so much of what we do under wraps, it’s nice to be able to share some of the exciting things going on at PowerbyProxi. We have more major announcements coming out soon so keep your eyes peeled!

Fady Mishriki is Co-Founder, EVP and Chief Tesla Officer of PowerbyProxi