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All wrapped up and no place to go

August 20, 2012 / 0 Comments / 153 / Industrial Applications

I’m not sure why the telephone seems to be a common factor in all my blogs. Maybe people’s need to communicate and be heard is the source of all problems, and all solutions. I think I’ll hold that thought for my next counseling session.

Today, the majority of residential telephones have gone cordless. What does that mean? It means that the cable between the telephone receiver and the handset has been eliminated. And oh how wonderful that is. As a teenager (and yes they had telephones back then, but the telephone number in the US was a letter and four digits, not the 7 digit one of today, but I digress), I remember wanting privacy to talk to some young lady or the other, so I put this very long coily cord on the phone to allow me to stretch the handset into my room so I could close the door. This cord was always a tangled mess, and with the continuous stretching it would, over time, fail. Now the battery powered cordless phone comes along and all of that mess is gone. Hallelujah! But this left the coily cord manufacturers looking their declining market straight in the eye and saying, “we need to find someone else to use our product or we’re out of business”.

Enter materials handling and other construction equipment where technology innovation was looking to put sensors and controllers on moving components like clamping attachments on forklifts or alignment sensors on road paving machines. The coily cord industry was saved. Now the telephone cord issue of my youth is the nightmare of industrial equipment manufacturers. Instead of a privacy issue, they have a productivity issue. One forklift attachment company has said “no more”. They contacted PowerbyProxi and we worked with them on the special application of our Proxi-Point system with both power and data transfer to eliminate the coily cord and this source of downtime and customer frustration.

In closing, I want to say I have nothing against coily cord manufacturers and in fact wish them great success in creating another market while we are fixing this one. Then we’ll meet them there. Ah, the circle of life.

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David Terkosky is VP of Business Development – Industrial Technologies