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Signing off from the China Hi-Tech Fair 2012

November 30, 2012 / 0 Comments / 126 / Features

Its now been a week since the China Hi-Tech Fair wrapped up in Shenzhen and we are still processing all the news and media coverage we received from our little booth in the NZ pavilion.

Its been fair to say that none of us here at PowerbyProxi could have anticipated the amount of interest we received at the fair, and it has reaffirmed to us the real opportunity that exists in China and in particular the potential of wireless power solutions for consumer electronic devices.  We were impressed mainly by the inquisitiveness of both the public and customers we engaged with, as well as the level of knowledge around what is possible with wireless power.

For many it was the most successful tradeshow experience they had witnessed for a NZ company overseas and is testament to the effort that the team and NZTE has put in to make both the booth possible as well as increase awareness of PowerbyProxi.  At present we have found over 200 articles in the Chinese media which includes information about PowerbyProxi’s booth at the show, with many of these delving into the technology and solutions in greater detail.  Some of the main examples are included below:



Also aside from the CCTV interview which was posted in the recent blog, we also managed to feature on a local Shenzhen news station – video can be found here.

The next step is to further qualify the many customer prospects we engaged with at the show, and develop more tailored collateral and communications for the Chinese market to reinforce the work done over the past week.  In all likelhood we will be back in China before the end of the year as we continue to build the relationships that the CHTF has allowed us to establish.

Thanks again to NZTE for the opportunity to be a part of the show – including the hard work done by Danny Cheng, Robert Yiu and Patrick English as part of the team over in China, and also Stella Wang who was the volunteer translator for the NZ pavilion (but spent most of her time acting as the main customer and public interface at our booth).

We will continue to post more articles and videos associated with the Fair as they come up.