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Application Notes

The application notes below reference the Proxi-Module,  however the ideas put forth can also pertain to other PowerbyProxi products.  If you wish to access any of these application notes, then please contact us at support@powerbyproxi.com

  • PBP1601 – Variable Output Voltage
    There is often a need to deliver a higher or lower voltage than the nominal 24V provided by the PowerbyProxi TM PM100 receiver. This app note shows you how.



  • PBP1602 – Thermal Considerations
    This app note was written to help customers quantify the heat transfer necessary to keep the   PowerbyProxi TM PM100 case temperature under the maximum allowable



  • PBP1603 – Redundant Proxi-Module 100W Supplies for Mission Critical Applications
    Use multiple PM100 units for fault redundancy in Mission Critical Applications


  • PBP1604 – Parallel Proxi-Module 100Ws for Increased Power Requirements
    Use multiple PM100 units for increased power availability – do it easily with a little ingenuity and by knowing your load profile
  • PBP1605 – Galvanic Isolation
    Galvanic isolation 101 – a refresher course