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Proxi-3D In-Device Charging System

Our 3D In-Device resonant wireless charging solutions are re-defining the wireless charging landscape by enabling wireless charging for millions of everyday consumer electronic devices – including wearables and devices which use AA batteries.   Multiple devices can be charged in a range of specially designed 3D transmitters offering full spatial freedom for convenient charging of devices.

Convenient wireless charging of Wearables and devices which use AA batteries

In-Device charging means that devices can be charged without removing the battery. PowerbyProxi’s resonant charging technology is embedded into wearable devices and lithium ion AA batteries without affecting its size or shape.

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In-between use, or when batteries are low on charge, simply place the complete device into one of our Proxi-3D chargers.

As with all our resonant solutions, our 3D chargers enable for full spatial freedom for the charging of devices.  Wearables and devices using AA batteries can be charged in any position (x,y,z axis) and any angle of orientation within the charger.


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System Features:

  • Resonant technology delivers ultimate spatial freedom – simply drop, stack or place devices anywhere in the charger
  • Proxi 3D Personal and Family Charger designed for single or multiple device charging
  • Simultaneously charges multiple devices of irregular shapes and sizes
  • In-Device charging – no need to remove the batteries from the device to charge
  • Charges all devices at the same speed as a wired charger
  • No interference with operation of devices
  • Completely safe to use
  • Patented DHC technology for maximum system performance
  • Active thermal management ensures no overheating during charging

Proxi-3D Personal and Family Chargers

Our 3D chargers are based on a scalable architecture design which allows for custom charging solutions to meet customer needs.

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Our Proxi-3D personal charger has been specially designed for personal use to charge one or more wearable devices including smart watches, heath trackers, wireless headsets and wristbands.

Applications:  The Proxi 3D personal charger provides a convenient, unobtrusive charging platform for use in locations where space is a premium, such as bedside tables and office desks.  The charger itself will fit individual personal wearable devices such as smart watches and wristbands which require daily recharging and are frequently being used.

For large devices that use AA batteries, we have developed our Proxi-3D family charger which enables multi device charging of irregular shaped devices like controllers, digital cameras, gaming devices, TV remotes, toys and more.


Applications:  The Proxi-3D system enables charging of round cell and Lithium Ion batteries for a range of applications including:P3D new

  • Consumer Electronics Devices
  • Medical Devices and Instruments
  • Sensors

For CE devices, the Proxi-3D family charger is ideal as the universal wireless recharging system for use in the home and office. The unit can be used in the living room, alongside the TV to store various remotes, while ensuring they are always charged and ready to go.  It can also be used to hold any number of battery charged toys, or wherever you use multiple devices that use batteries.

Miniaturised Receiver Technology

Our patented Dynamic Harmonization Control architecture allows for the miniaturisation of the wireless receiver to be integrated into a standard AA battery or wearable device without affecting the size or shape.


As a result we are able to create the world’s first wirelessly rechargeable AA battery which, in conjunction with our Proxi-3D Chargers, can convert everyday devices using AA batteries into wirelessly rechargeable devices.  For wearables we are able to design custom receivers to fit inside even the smallest of devices, no matter the shape or size.  The receiver is then automatically detected when the device is placed inside the charger, ensuring the ultimate in user convenience.

Video:  Proxi-3D Wireless Charging System with Wirelessly rechargeable AA batteries

Video:  PowerbyProxi’s vision for Wireless Charging in the home

See our vision for wireless charging of everyday consumer electronics devices, from Smartphones and Tablets, to Wearables and millions of other devices.

Video:  Co-Founder and CTO Fady Mishriki shows our 3D system to Lucas Mearian from Computerworld: