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Proxi-Point™ Transmitter for the LTC4120

Linear tech1PowerbyProxi in conjunction with Linear Technology, presents the LTC4120 wireless power transfer system with Proxi-Point™ transmitter.  Linear Technology (LTC) has developed the LTC4120 – a constant current and voltage wireless receiver which can be paired with PowerbyProxi’s advanced Proxi-Point transmitter to create a complete resonant wireless power transfer system.

The LTC4120 system and receiver IC features our own patented Dynamic Harmonization Control (DHC) technology, enabling high efficiency contactless charging across an air gap, even when misalignment occurs. The IC accepts a wide input voltage range of 4.2V to 40V and has an adjustable battery float voltage from 3.5V to 11V with ±1% initial accuracy.  All our transmitters feature foreign object detection which eliminates excessive heating when a metal object is placed on, or within close proximity of the transmitter.

To find out more information on the LTC4120 receiver and purchasing options, please visit the LTC website – www.linear.com/product/LTC4120

Transmitter Features:

  • Intelligent Foreign Metal Detection
  • Fixed Operating Frequency
  • Reverse Polarity Protection
  • Low Power Standby
  • Smart device detection – maximises power transfer to receiver at maximum efficiency
  • No interference with operation of devices
  • Completely safe to use


Wireless charging with the LTC4120 provides a method to power devices in harsh environments without requiring expensive failure-prone connectors. This allows products to be charged while locked within sealed enclosures, or in moving or rotating equipment, or where cleanliness or sanitation is critical. Typical applications include:

  • Handheld instruments
  • Industrial/Military Sensors and Devices
  • Portable medical devices
  • Physically Small Devices
  • Electrically Isolated Devices
  • Harsh Environments

Transmitter Options:

PowerbyProxi offers one off-the-shelf transmitter option which is compatible with the LTC4120 receiver – the Proxi-Point Transmitters.

Proxi-Point PP Enc2

The Proxi-Point is a fully assembled, tested and certified transmitter unit capable of supplying power to 1 receiver module and offers features such as foreign object detection and a stable crystal controlled operating frequency. The Proxi-Point has a total output power capacity of up to 2W and is available as a ready to use transmitter unit.

For more information on the Proxi-Point and to make an order, please follow the link.

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