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Proxi-Point™ 150W Connector & Wireless Slip Ring

The Proxi-Point™ 150W is a next-generation, FCC compliant solution providing a reliable and maintenance-free alternative to traditional cables, connectors, and slip-rings.


  • 150 W continuous power. 240 W up to one hour.
  • Transfer power through any non-metallic material including liquids, solids and gasesImmune to dust, dirt and other contaminants.
  • Corrosion and water resistant.
  • Immersion rating of IP68.Input reverse polarity protection and output reverse current protection
  • True zero-insertion force connection
  • No exposed terminalsProvides supply isolation. Eliminates unwanted ground loops.
  • Operates as a stationary point-to-point connector system, or as a wireless slip ring system
  • FCC (parts 15 and 18), CE, and RoHS compliant


The Proxi-Point 150W is a standalone electrical device that transfers up to 240 watts of power (nominal 150 W)  through any non-metallic material. The Proxi-Point can also be operated as a wireless slip-ring enabling transfer of power across an electrical rotary joint (often referred to as a slip ring, electric swivel, rotary electrical interface or a collector).

Input power is transferred inductively. A standard 24 VDC power supply can be used to power the Proxi-Point 150W power transmitter.  Up to 10 A peak can be drawn from the power receiver at 24 VDC. The output voltage is held within a tight ±5% tolerance at a 0-12 mm gap.

The Proxi-Point is a simple connector replacement that can be easily incorporated with a power supply to provide wireless power to new or existing equipment.


  • Continuous IP68 protection
  • Enable contact-free battery charging
  • Eliminate unreliable plugs and sockets
  • Solves continuity of delivery and maintenance pain points
  • Full contactless design for Proxi-Ring™ – elimination of friction or heating between rotating and stationary circuit contacts
  • Simplify implementation/installation processes
  • Create unique competitive advantages in the design, operation and convenience of products
  • Reduce high installation and ongoing maintenance costs
  • Immune to dust, dirt and other contaminants
  • No exposed terminals

Typical Applications

  • Waterproof power transfer in harsh, moving and wet environments
  • True zero insertion force connector, ideal for automated environments and robotics
  • Mechanical slip-ring replacement
  • Power for electronics through non-metallic surfaces on buildings and in marine applications

Product Brief

A product brief is available to download for the Proxi-Point™ 150W. Please click on the link below.

Proxi-Point™ 150W Product Brief