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The Proxi-Module platform is the first of its kind – a modular wireless power and data system enabling anyone to adapt and integrate wireless power effortlessly into their products.  The modular system design achieves the highest power density of any solution on the market with a maximum end to end efficiency of 91%. It’s innovative design and unprecedented performance reduces power and heat losses while offering advanced Foreign Object Detection (FOD) for increased safety and Dynamic Pairing for instant connector mating that is automatic.

The Proxi-Module offers customers a wide array of configurations to implement wireless power and includes the ability to pair it with the Proxi-Com. The Proxi-Com adds support for a comprehensive range of wired data communication protocols, enabling customers to convert them to a wireless connection. Therefore they can truly customise their wireless power and data solution to their requirements.

The Proxi-Module enables reliable, maintenance-free, contact-free power transfer that will enable you to overcome limitations imposed by wired systems. It  is CE and RoHS certified and FCC compliant, enabling customers to quickly implement wireless power into their products without the uncertainty and cost of achieving compliance themselves.  

Proxi-Module 100W

pm100-transparentThe first Proxi-Module, the Proxi-Module 100W (PM100) is now available for purchase.  The PM100 can transfer up to 100 watts. To learn more about the PM100 click here.

For more information about the Proxi-Module’s roadmap and planned feature improvements such as increased power, Power coils optimised for distance and alignment or slip ring replacement, please contact us.


proxi-com-with-backgroundThe Proxi-Com directly integrates with the Proxi-Module platform to provide seamless conversion of wired data to wireless. The first release supports: CAN bus, Ethernet & GPIO.  Support for Serial (RS232/422/485), 4-20mA, 0-10V & IO-Link planned. To learn more about the Proxi-Com click here.