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Proxi-2D EVK Wireless Charging Development Kit

The Proxi-2D EVK is a wireless charging development kit for semiconductor vendors which includes hardware and software tools for developing wireless charging pad solutions for consumer electronic devices.   Our latest EVK kit, the Proxi-2D EVK-2, demonstrates shared mode charging up to 7.5W per receiver (Rx) and is backwards compatible to The Wireless Power Consortium’s Qi v1.1 specification.  The kit includes a shared mode Resonant Transmitter (Tx) & two shared mode Rx modules which can operate in Resonant or Qi v.1.1 mode to match Tx and Rx type.

System Features:

  • Simultaneously charges up to 2 Rx’s in Resonant mode
  • Qi v1.1 pre-certified for both Rx & Tx
  • Advanced Foreign Object Detection
  • Higher efficiency power transfer – greater than 70% system efficiency in resonant mode
  • Tx can be switched between automatic & manual mode for active monitoring & testing
  • 7.5 W power delivery per Rx in shared mode – maximum up to 15 W
  • Full spatial freedom – Rx can be charged in any location & orientation on Tx
  • Tx & Rx can be used with Qi v.1.1. compatible devices (Tx & Rx)
  • Z height testing options at 3, 5 and 7 mm
    (coil to coil)

Transmitter (Tx): The Tx module can supply power up to 2 receiver modules in shared mode with full spatial freedom on the charging surface. Automatic detection of the Rx determines operation in shared or exclusive (Qi v1.1)mode.

  • Dual mode functionality – resonant (shared) & Qi v1.1 (exclusive)
  • Advanced Object Detection denotes friendly and foreign objects placed on the charging surface
  • RoHS compliant
  • Automatic detection of the Rx to determine operating mode
  • Specialized software graphical user interface
  • Tx Control Application & manual mode option for monitoring & testing

Receiver (Rx):

The kit includes two Rx modules, each with the ability to operate in shared and exclusive mode. Rx modules are comprised of a Rx coil and Rx circuit board placed inside a plastic casing.

  • Dual mode functionality – resonant (shared) & Qi v1.1 (exclusive)
  • Automatic detection of Tx to determine operating mode
  • Thermal shutdown protection
  • Specialized software graphical user interface
  • Includes Rx Control Application to monitor and control Rx functions

The videos below highlight kit contents and functionality for the EVK-1 which was released previously.  The EVK-2 kit is similar in design, but with the added functionality outlined above.