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Proxi-Point™ 12W

The Proxi-Point™ 12W provides 12 watts of available power which is ideal for variable load environments.  The unit excels in supplying wireless power and data to control systems and process automation equipment in difficult, hard to reach locations where cables and mechanical connectors are just not ideal.


  • Corrosion, water and immersion protected
  • Transfer power through any non metallic materials including liquids, solids and gases
  • Plug and play modular system compatible with existing power supplies (including batteries) and communication standards
  • EN12895 certified, radiated emission, ESD and radiated immunity
  • FCC part 18, radiated emission
  • RoHS compliant
  • Integrated charge controller (for LiPo batteries)


The Proxi-Point™ is a standalone electrical device that enables transfer of power and data through any non-metallic material.

The Proxi-Point™ 12W is a next generation solution providing a reliable and maintenance-free alternative to traditional cables, coil cords and connectors. In addition the Proxi-Point™ 12W can be used to enable non-contact recharging of batteries in a range of environments.

Input power is transferred inductively – a standard nominal 12 VDC power supply can be used to power the Proxi-Point™ transmitter with up to 12 W drawn from the receiver at
14.4 VDC.

The Proxi-Point™ 12W is also available as a power and data system with an integrated wireless communication system acting as an invisible link, requiring no programming.  Simply cut the cable and place the Proxi-Point™ 12 W at either end – your controllers won’t notice any difference.

The Proxi-Point™ 12W is available as a plug and play modular system that can be used to upgrade a power supply in new or existing equipment.


  • The only “connector” to offer continuous IP67 rating at all stages of mating cycle
  • Zero insertion force mating
  • Unlimited mating cycles
  • Wide misalignment tolerance makes it Ideal for “blind mating” applications
  • Unaffected by abrasive particles, dust and dirt contaminants.
  • Safe disconnection under load without arcing
  • Eliminate maintenance costs associated with connectors
  • Solve continuity of delivery and maintenance pain points
  • Create unique competitive advantages in the design, operation and convenience of products
  • Reduce high installation and ongoing maintenance costs

Typical Applications

  • Process automation equipment
  • Forestry & construction machinery
  • Robot end effectors
  • Forklifts
  • Carts
  • Industrial sensors
  • LED lighting
  • Extremities sensing applications
  • Aerospace


Datasheets are available to download for both our Proxi-Point™ 12W Power Only, and Power + Data systems.  Please see relevant links below

Proxi-Point™ 12W Power Only

Proxi-Point™ 12W Power + Data