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Proxi-Point™ 12W (M30) Inductive Coupler

The Proxi-Point™ 12W (M30) is a compact wireless power and data connector, built to reliably deliver up to 12 Watts in harsh, variable load environments.  The Proxi-Point™ 12W (M30) uses inductive coupling technology and is designed and packaged to a standardised M30 form factor, enabling it to be implemented in a larger range of applications where size is a factor, in particular process automation, robotics and lighting.M30 1


  • Rotation – up to 1,250 RPM
  • Offset Tolerance – lateral offset of 5 mm and angular misalignment of 15°
  • Power input reverse polarity protection: Coupler switches off in case the power connected to the transmitter has the wrong polarity
  • Power output short circuit protection/Data output short circuit protection
  • Data input/output reverse polarity protection:  Protected against reversed connections and data inputs and outputsTE 4
  • Over-temperature protection
  • Foreign object protection: Inductive coupler switches off in case metal is put in-between the receiver and transmitter
  • Dynamic pairing: Couplers are interchangeable
  • Status OK/In operating ranger Indication:  Two status signals indicating either normal operation or incorrect behaviour.


The Proxi-Point™ 12W (M30) inductive coupler was designed in conjunction with TE Connectivity, and provides reliable power and data transfer as a point-to-point connector and also wireless slip ring (up to 1,250 RPM) over a short distance (7 mm).  Particularly in harsh environments, traditional mechanical connectors and slip rings demonstrate limited connectivity due to a number of factors such as space restrictions, debris (dust and dirt) and vibrations.  The Proxi-Point™ 12W (M30) has been designed to overcome these limitations and provide connectivity where previously thought impossible resulting in added design flexibility, as well as cost savings through higher efficiency, and reduced maintenance and installation costs.


  • Freedom of Movement – including tilt, angle and misalignment
  • Design Flexibility and Cost Savings – ability to transfer power and data through fluids and walls
  • Rotational Freedom – 360° rotation up to 1,250 rpm
  • Unlimited Mating Cycles – in wet and dusty environments for reduced maintenance costs
  • Safe & Reliable Connectors – in harsh environments through vibration resistance and fully sealed couplers

Potential Applications:

The Proxi-Point™ 12W (M30) adds immediate value in any application where either; traditional connections reach their limit due to harsh environments or mating cycles, slip rings or spring cables become unreliable and incur high maintenance costs, or where you are setting up a completely new application including establishing connections through walls and materials.

Some examples include:

  • Injection MouldingTE 2
  • Rotary Tables
  • Materials Handling
  • Tool Changing
  • Printing Drums
  • Centrifuge
  • Wafer Production
  • Robotics


A datasheet is available to download for the Proxi-Point™ 12W (M30).  Please click on the link below.

Proxi-Point™ 12W (M30) Datasheet