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Proxi-Point 2W for the LTC4120

The Proxi-Point 2W is a standalone transmitter designed to complement the LTC4120 receiver

*For Engineering Evaluation Purposes*

The Proxi-Point is a fully assembled, tested and certified transmitter unit capable of supplying power to 1 receiver module and offers features such as foreign object detection and a stable crystal controlled operating frequency. The Proxi-Point is available as a ready to use transmitter unit or can be integrated into a product and has a total output power capacity of up to 2W.

Usage with LTC4120 receiver

ltc_bannerThe Proxi-Point is designed to be integrated with an LTC4120 wireless power receiver to form a fully functional resonant wireless charging system. Receiver coils must be tuned to the operating frequency of the transmitter in order to receive power. The power output of the Proxi-Point depends on the load of the receiver. The wireless power charging system provides an efficient method for wireless battery charging as the power output by the transmitter varies automatically based on the power used to charge a battery connected to a receiver.


  • Smart device detection maximises power transfer to receiver at maximum efficiency – automatic identification of the device receiver so that power is no longer supplied when the receiver is removed.
  • Over voltage and over temperature protection for safe and reliable operation
  • No interference with operation of devices
  • Intelligent foreign metal object detection provides protection from power transfer to metal objects, overheating and power loss.
  • Low operating temperature for modules
  • Completely safe to use
  • EMC/EMI compliant
  • Low power standby
  • Fixed Operating Frequency


Electrical Specifications
Total Output power 2W
Input Voltage 24V
Frequency of Operation 130kHz
Tx to Rx ratio 1:1


Environmental Specifications
Humidity 5 to 95 RH
Operating ambient temperature range -10°C to +40°C, 14°F to 104°F
Over Temperature Protection (OTP) OTP triggers when ambient temp is 45±3°C


Mechanical Specifications
Active Charging Area Output power will be delivered while the center of the LTC4120 Rx coil is inside a 20mm diameter circle (at a height of 1.25mm – 5.25mm) from center of Proxi-Point
Z-axis distance
(coil to coil)
Output power will be delivered when the LTC4120 Rx coil to Proxi-Point Tx coil distance is between 2.5 – 7.0mm and the angle between the coil plates is ±150°

Click the link below to download the latest Product Brief for the Proxi-Module 100W

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For use with the LTC4120 Receiver


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