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The Proxi-2D Wireless Charging Development Kit

The Proxi-2D EVK is a wireless charging development kit for semiconductor vendors which includes hardware and software tools for developing wireless charging pad solutions for consumer electronic devices.   Our latest EVK kit, the Proxi-2D EVK-2, demonstrates shared mode charging up to 7.5W per receiver (Rx) and is backwards compatible to The Wireless Power Consortium’s Qi v1.1 specification.  The kit includes a shared mode Resonant Transmitter (Tx) & two shared mode Rx modules which can operate in Resonant or Qi v.1.1 mode to match Tx and Rx type.

System Features:

  • Simultaneously charges up to 2 Rx’s in Resonant mode
  • Qi v1.1 pre-certified for both Rx & Tx
  • Advanced Foreign Object Detection
  • Higher efficiency power transfer – greater than 70% system efficiency in resonant mode
  • Tx can be switched between automatic & manual mode for active monitoring & testing
  • 7.5 W power delivery per Rx in shared mode – maximum up to 15 W
  • Full spatial freedom – Rx can be charged in any location & orientation on Tx
  • Tx & Rx can be used with Qi v.1.1. compatible devices (Tx & Rx)
  • Z height testing options at 3, 5 and 7 mm
    (coil to coil)

Transmitter (Tx): The Tx module can supply power up to 2 receiver modules in shared mode with full spatial freedom on the charging surface. Automatic detection of the Rx determines operation in shared or exclusive (Qi v1.1)mode.

  • Dual mode functionality – resonant (shared) & Qi v1.1 (exclusive)
  • Advanced Object Detection denotes friendly and foreign objects placed on the charging surface
  • RoHS compliant
  • Automatic detection of the Rx to determine operating mode
  • Specialized software graphical user interface
  • Tx Control Application & manual mode option for monitoring & testing

Receiver (Rx):

The kit includes two Rx modules, each with the ability to operate in shared and exclusive mode. Rx modules are comprised of a Rx coil and Rx circuit board placed inside a plastic casing.

  • Dual mode functionality – resonant (shared) & Qi v1.1 (exclusive)
  • Automatic detection of Tx to determine operating mode
  • Thermal shutdown protection
  • Specialized software graphical user interface
  • Includes Rx Control Application to monitor and control Rx functions

The videos below highlight kit contents and functionality for the EVK-1 which was released previously.  The EVK-2 kit is similar in design, but with the added functionality outlined above.

Resonant mode Rx on Resonant mode Tx Resonant mode Rx on Qi v1.1 Tx Qi v.1.1 Rx on Resonant mode Tx
Rx Rated Output Power 7.5 W 5 W 5 W
Maximum Charging Current 1500 mA 1500 mA 1500 mA
Tx to Rx ratio (1:N) 1:2 1:1 1:1
Maximum Combined Rx Power Output 15 W 5 W 5 W
Communication & Power Flow Control Proprietary Qi v.1.1 Qi v.1.1
Average System Efficiency @ Max Current
(3 or 5 mm Z height, Tx DC-In to Rx DC-Out)
>65% >60% >55%
Peak System Efficiency (Tx DC-In to Rx DC-Out) >70% >60% >55%


Transmitter Specifications

Tx Assembly Height 20 mm
Area (x,y) 153 x 148 mm
Weight (Tx board) 415g
Programming Interface USB
Max. Surface Temp <40°C @ 20°C ambient
Operating Temp 10°C – 40°C
Power Supply Voltage 19 V
Power Supply Current 3.5 A
Tx Input Ripple Voltage 240 mV p-p
Power Delivery to Rx 0 – 15 W
Multi-Rx Charging One v.1.1 Rx OR two RM Rx
Power Supply Voltage 19 V
Power Supply Current 3.5 A


Receiver Specifications

Rx Assembly Height 24.3 mm
PCB circuit dimensions (x,y) 87 x 62 mm
Coil & Ferrite Dimensions (x,y,z) 66 x 53 x 1.2 mm
Serial Interface USB
Output Power (Continuous) 7.5 W
Output Voltage and Variance 5 VDC +/- 0/1 V
Output Voltage Ripple <300 mV pp
Max Output Current 1.5 A @5 V
Operating Temperature 10 – 40 °C

Click the link below to download the latest Product Brief for the Proxi-2D Development kit.

Proxi-2D Product Brief

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