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Wireless Power for Materials Handling

PowerbyProxi has developed numerous Wireless Power solutions  for a range of materials handling and warehousing applications including AGVs, lift truck attachments and process automation applications.  We provide flexible, reliable and safe solutions with proven efficiencies >90%.

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Wireless power ensures reliable, safe delivery of power without contact enabling several key advantages:

  • Lower maintenance costs.  Power and data is transferred without physical contact (over a gap or through any non-metallic surface) meaning less maintenance associated with friction-based slip rings or mechanical connectors.
  • Reliable and safe:  Wireless power delivers power without physical connection points, enabling hermetical sealing – no water, dust or dirt ingress which cause deterioration of connection points
  • Greater flexibility:  You aren’t limited by physical connectors – wireless power allows for easy reconfiguration of operating environments, but also for the design of flexible, convenient battery charging solutions for your vehicle, or placement of your sensors or attachments.

Visit our products page to view our current range of off-the-shelf products available for purchase – ranging from 2 Watts to 240 Watts and above


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Wireless Power