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Dynamic Harmonization Control

Wireless Power dates back to the work of Nikola Tesla in the late 1890’s. Over 100 years later PowerbyProxi is leading the charge in the development of a new generation of wireless power technology.  In combination with the world’s best Wireless Power Engineers at The University of Auckland, we are in a unique position to deliver the most advanced wireless solutions for our customers.

As a result we have developed a completely new generation of resonant wireless power technology we call Dynamic Harmonization Control (DHC).  DHC defines our core technology platform and encompasses all our patents, trade secrets, expertise and copyrighted software/firmware that go into our range of resonant wireless power solutions.  Dynamic Harmonization Control enables numerous benefits when building functional, reliable and safe solutions for our customers.

Key features include:

  • Efficiency levels that exceed many cable based power supplies
  • Real world coupling solutions that go beyond resonant technology to include 3D transmitters
  • Intelligent wireless receivers that can be miniaturized and integrated into existing CE components and devices
  • System scalability and redundancy for mission critical customer applications

For resonant wireless charging applications, Dynamic Harmonization Control enables high efficiency power transfer without creating thermal and electrical stresses on the receiver, while delivering longer transmission distances and optimal transmitter to receiver coil alignment.