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Wireless power company charges ahead

February 27, 2013 / 0 Comments / 106 /
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Article featured on stuff.co.nz on February 27 – A link to the original story can be found here, otherwise full content has been included below:

Wireless power company charges ahead


Kiwi wireless power company PowerbyProxi is another step closer to its goal of getting your smartphone charged without a cord.

The company says it is the first in the industry to offer prospective companies the chance to evaluate demonstration units of its wireless smartphone charging solution.

The company has designed a receiver small and efficient enough to be integrated into the processor board of a smartphone. Its technology then enables the phone to be charged by simply being laid on a charging pad.

The technology also provides the same charging time as wired solutions.

“We are confident that we have produced the most advanced wireless charging system available for smartphones,” says PowerbyProxi chairman Greg Cross.

“We believe that the key benefits of our approach, including spatial freedom and thermal management, are prerequisites to the future development and wider adoption of wireless power for consumer electronics applications.”

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