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PowerbyProxi’s vision for the future of wireless charging

March 22, 2017 / 0 Comments / 263 /
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By Tao Lin

Imagine a world where you would be able to charge your phone, laptop or tablet wirelessly, doing away with chargers and cables forever.

That is a world that Auckland entrepreneur Fady Mishriki​ wants and has been working towards for the past nine years.

Mishriki founded PowerbyProxi and has developed a range of wireless charging products, from the heavy duty to those made for smartphones.

The company had 360 patents and recorded on March 31, 2016 a 781 per cent growth in revenue on the year before.

Now with 55 staff and offices in Auckland and the United States, PowerbyProxi’s goal was simple: to allow people to power everyday devices without having to plug them in.

PowerbyProxi founder Fady Mishriki wants to make wireless charging as easy as wifi is now to access.

It has been a long time since batteries had an upgrade and battery life was not keeping up with energy demands of today’s products, Mishriki said.

The vision was to make it as easy for people to charge their phones or tablets as it was to access wifi.

Mishriki said that reality was about 10 years away and was already starting to happen, with some Ikea furniture made with wireless transmitters built into their surfaces.

“Today we don’t think about wi-fi. We don’t think about carrying [an ethernet] cable with us to plug our laptop into the wall anymore. That’s why manufacturers can completely drop ports from their devices now.

“Wireless power is trending in that direction.”

Innovation for PowerbyProxi was about making wireless power seamless for the end user.

One challenge the company faced was the sensitive nature of the technology: previous wireless charging technology required the device to be placed in an exact position otherwise it would stop charging.

Another issue was the super slow charging speed. Mishriki said it took about three times longer to charge than if it was charged normally.

PowerbyProxi’s “Proxi 2D” product allowed devices to be charged regardless of alignment, more than one device could be charged and it charged just as quickly as a wired charger.

“One of our values is we are innovators, not just inventors. Innovation is about taking [inventions] to market,” Mishriki said.

The Fairfax Media business innovation series runs in partnership with Callaghan Innovation.

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