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PowerbyProxi shows off wireless charging solution for smartphones

January 8, 2013 / 1 Comments / 112 /
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Article featured on CNET Asia onJanuary 8 – A link to the original story can be found here, otherwise full content has been included below:

PowerbyProxi shows off wireless charging solution for smartphones

by Vincent Chang

According to the company, other competing wireless charging solutions won’t be able to charge if metallic objects are introduced in the vicinity. That’s not the case for PowerbyProxi’s charging pad. 

LAS VEGAS, US–Wireless charging technologies aren’t exactly new, but as long as there isn’t mainstream adoption yet, you’ll probably continue to see companies trying to be the one to make that breakthrough.

PowerbyProxi is one such firm that’s hoping that its wireless charging technology will be the last one standing. The company debuted its smartphone charging pad at the tradeshow, which unlike its many competitors, is able to work even when metallic objects, such as coins, are placed on the pad.

It’s also able to charge mobile devices regardless of their orientation and location, as long as it’s on the pad. This is touted as another advantage over its rivals. Like other similar solutions, the charging receiver is integrated into the mobile device–there’s no need for a cover or sleeve.

The company also has another charging solution for devices that use its special rechargeable AA batteries. You simply need to place the devices into this charging cradle–there’s no need to remove the batteries.

PowerbyProxi told us that its other in-device charging solution has been shown previously at other tradeshows. The cradle-like station can accept any device that can fit within its confines, regardless of its shape. We saw toy trucks and console controllers being placed inside for charging.

The only thing in common is that they were all using special rechargeable AA batteries that have been fitted with a tiny charging module. Although the company said that there’s likely to be a slight premium for these batteries, it could make sense for some users in the long run. After all, the convenience of not having to remove the batteries individually could be worth it.

While the technology behind PowerbyProxi looks like it’s ready for primetime, it faces a big hurdle by going it alone. Currently, the wireless consortium behind the Qi standard appears to have the most support among companies, though big names such as Samsung and Qualcomm have created their own alliance to push for standardization. It’s difficult to imagine PowerbyProxi succeeding without the backing of at least one major industry player.

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