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North American Clean Energy: Wireless Power for Wind Turbines

August 4, 2010 / 0 Comments / 115 /
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The trend toward larger wind turbines, increasingly isolated installations and continued use of operate-until-failure maintenance practices drives down reliability and increases the total cost of energy (COE) of wind power operations.

As a result, wind turbine OEMs continue to search for innovative wind turbine designs with improved performance and lower COE. And, wind turbine project operators are interested in more cost-effective alternatives to aging turbines that are increasingly expensive to maintain.

We met with North American Clean Energy magazine at the Dallas WindPower 2010 show in May who published this brief on our Proxi-Ring solution.

At the show we talked with wind turbine manufacturers and operators about the role of pitch control in operational efficiencies.  Modern wind turbines adjust rotor blade pitch angle for safety and control.Pitch control optimizes blade performance and therefore, overall turbine performance. However, to be cost-effective, pitch control systems require high levels of uptime.

Correcting pitch control system failures or false resets require substantial maintenance costs. And, optimal turbine performance can be limited by factors such as turbine design, turbine location and the need of high levels of data and power availability.

Contactless slip rings are an innovative method for transmitting power or data between stationary and rotating frames without the use of conventional slip rings or brushes. In these solutions, there is no physical contact between the rotating and fixed parts of the apparatus. Inductive components are used to provide a reliable and efficient transfer of electrical power across the rotational boundary, reducing maintenance costs and improving overall uptime for the operator.

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