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Day 2 of The China Hi-Tech Fair

November 17, 2012 / 0 Comments / 144 /
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Shenzhen, China

Another hectic day at the show as we enter the weekend, and as expected much interest was again centred around our In-Device charging solution.  Being saturday, many of the the visitors to the booth today were the general public however we were still able to engage with some interesting prospects from the battery and electronics manufacturing industries.

However the biggest news to come from today was the excusive interview Tony managed to get with CCTV (China Network Television) which is China’s largest national broadcasting network.  In fact within the first hour today, Tony had sat down with both CCTV and one of the local Shenzhen news media (SZMG) to talk about the technology, its applications and our vision for wirelss power.  CCTV is intending to do a feature piece on the interview to be screened in China before the end of the show – with a potential audience of 1.3 billion!!  A truly fantastic opportunity to get greater visibility in the Chinese market.

We are intending to get coverage of the interview and will post a link to it after it has screened.  Some of the photos included below show Tony being interviewed.

Our popularity at the show continues to highlight the huge consumer interest in wireless power as well as reinforcing our belief that we are leading innovators in wireless charging solutions for a wider range of consumer electronics devices.

For tomorrow both Greg Cross and David Beard will be arriving from NZ to see first hand the amount of interest at the booth.  Hopefully I will also be able to get some more images to highlight the scope of the Fair itself and other interesting technologies on display.

Day 1 report can be found here


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