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Day 1 of China Hi-Tech Fair

November 16, 2012 / 7 Comments / 152 /
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Shenzhen, China

The China Hi-Tech Fair kicked off today in Shenzhen with almost 3,000 exhibitors and thousands more visitors streaming in as part of one of the largest technology shows in Asia.

PowerbyProxi has been able to set up a booth at the Fair as part of the NZ pavilion – which also includes Enatel, Rakon and Pingar.  At the booth today was Tony Francesca (VP Bus Dev Consumer Technologies) and myself (William Pryde) – and being day one, both of us expected a pretty hectic day.

However hectic was a bit of an understatement with floods of people taking particular interest in our In-Device wireless battery technology which we were demoing at the booth.

A lot of interest came from the general public but we also were able to engage with some key customer and investor targets who were particulalry taken by our wirelessly rechargeable AA batteries.  We also attracted a lot of attention from the local media – the main newspaper n Shenzhen were especially keen to include a feature on our technology for tomorrow’s edition. Naturally we had to field numerous questions about the cost to buy our batteries and charging platform as well as trying to stop people attempting to charge their phone in the In-Device station.  This was pretty much expected and did not become overly tiresome – not yet anyway.

Tomorrow promises to be even busier as we head into the weekend, but overall a very successful start and great to see so much interest and awe by some pretty technology savvy observers.


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