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Case Studies

PowerbyProxi wireless power products and technology is delivering a number of benefits in over 100 applications and industries across the world.  Below is a selection of case studies which highlight a variety of these applications and how wireless power transmission is being implemented.


Wireless Power for Forklift Attachments:

Cascade Corporationcascade

Cascade Corporation and PowerbyProxi co-developed a Wireless Power & Communication System to enable lifttruck operators to increase productivity, reduce operating costs and achieve an overall cleaner design compared to traditional over-the-mast and battery recharging systems.
By integrating PowerbyProxi’s Proxi-Point™ 12W wireless power system, Cascade was able to develop a specialized solution to reliably transfer power and data on any number of sensor attachments for their customers.  Read more here…


Wireless Power for Industrial Automation:

TE ConnectivityTE-Connectivity-Logo-EPS-vector-image

TE Connectivity and PowerbyProxi co-developed a solid state inductive coupler to overcome limitations associated with complex, inflexible and expensive mechanical connectors and slip rings for industrial automation applications.   The Proxi-Point™ 12W (M30) wireless connector and slip ring enables safety, cost and design flexibility advantages for designers and engineers across numerous industrial applications.  Read more here…


Wireless Power for Sensors:

John Deere Electronic Solutions

(formally Phoenix International)green_yellow_vert_logo

Phoenix International  (now known as John Deere Electronic Solutions) commissioned PowerbyProxi to develop and supply a wireless power and data supply system for use in John Deere Seeder sensors. PowerbyProxi proposed  a system that would allow sensors to receive power and data wirelessly while mounted on the rotating or pivoting shaft.  Read more here…