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Wireless Control Systems

PowerbyProxi’s resonant wireless power solutions can provide the most efficient, reliable power connections to your mission critical control systems. Even in hostile environments – liquids, contaminants and moving parts will not compromise our ability to deliver power and data wirelessly.

We specialise in delivering safe, reliable wireless slip rings and resonant power transfer solutions for control systems in mission critical applications.  Even in hostile operating environments, PowerbyProxi’s patented contactless technology delivers high efficiency, low maintenance solutions to overcome limitations of traditional connector-based systems .


  • Improved reliability of power supply
  • Reduce downtime as a result of a failure in the mechanical connections
  • Better operating efficiencies and lower maintenance costs


The function and performance of control systems can be compared to the brain or the intelligence of the device/equipment. Failure of the control systems power and data supply compromise its ability to operate. A key application in PowerbyProxi’s work with control systems has involved the delivery of resonant wireless power and data to hydraulic systems using our range of wireless connector and wireless slip ring platforms to replace mechanical slip rings, mechanical connectors and, in some cases, batteries.


PowerbyProxi offers a number of solutions which can be integrated into numerous applications.  Our products can deliver power to batteries from 2 W through to 240 W, and are available in range of sizes – check out our products page to see if there is a solution which fits your needs, or alternatively contact us to discuss your your requirements directly.