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Wireless Battery Charging

PowerbyProxi’s range of wireless battery charging solutions delivers consistent and efficient power delivery to batteries, in everyday household and industrial environments. Wireless power provides a simple and flexible alternative to the power cable, that ensures your devices or equipment are always charged and ready to go.

Batteries are a core source of power for many devices and different types of equipment in a range of different industries – whether it be consumer electronic devices such as smartphones, sensors and low power accessories to support industrial automation, or even electric vehicle applications.  In many of these applications, the supply of power to batteries can be problematic, or even hazardous.


Smartphones: pad Wireless charging for smartphones are already available on the market today.  Wireless charging provides efficient, safe power transfer to batteries in these devices via a charging pad or integrated transmitter, which delivers power via an electromagnetic field to an embedded receiver connected to the battery in the smartphone. PowerbyProxi currently offers a development kit solution for smartphones which enables full spatial freedom and is Qi compatible – our Proxi-2D EVK.

Sensors:  9202-2663243One of the most common applications for wireless battery charging, is for delivering power to sensors and other low power accessories.  Sensors plays a huge role in collecting and delivering data and information to optimise the performance of anything from machinery, to automation and vehicles.  However getting power to sensors can also be extremely problematic – for example in outdoor applications, water and dirt ingress play havoc with physical connection points, causing them to get damaged and fail.

Likewise in moving applications like materials handling, wireless charging provides efficient power transfer to batteries without long physical power cables and cords that can become tangled, stuck or damaged during normal operation – see our application for Cascade forklift attachments.

Vehicles and Machinery:  a8_1For higher power industrial applications like automated vehicles, or construction machinery, wireless charging provides consistent, high efficieny power delivery to batteries while ensuring minimal downtime due to maintenance and cleaning of damaged and obstructed connection points.  In the case of electric vehicles, batteries can able to be charged on-the-go, without having to be physically docked and connected to charging stations.  In sterile environments, wireless charging provides hermetically sealed surfaces, as opposed to connection sockets, making them easier to clean and free from obstruction.  For high rotation equipment, wireless slip rings provide uninterrupted power delivery for battery charging, resulting in significant savings in maintenance and slip ring replacement.

Benefits of wireless battery charging

Wireless power transfer provides several key benefits over traditional power cables and cords for the recharging of batteries.Provide power to devices in previously unreachable locations

  • Wireless power enables sealed and embedded surfaces as opposed to exposed connection points which are prone to dirt, water and dust ingress, and often get damaged requiring regular and costly maintenance
  • Greater convenience for charging phones and personal electronic devices
  • Wireless charging enables for greater flexibility for repositioning and reconfiguring sensors or attachments.  No need for major refitting to physically connect each sensor to a power source.
  • Autonomous recharging of batteries to remove potential for operator error
  • Eliminates need for unsightly and hazardous physical cables and cords
  • Reliable and consistent power delivery to batteries


PowerbyProxi offers a number of battery charging solutions which can be integrated into numerous applications.  Our products can deliver power to batteries from 2 W through to 240 W, and are available in range of sizes – check out our products page to see if there is a solution which fits your needs, or alternatively contact us to discuss your your requirements directly.