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PowerbyProxi’s proven solutions enable our customers to deliver mission critical wireless power systems in wet, dirty and moving environments.

We are the recognized world leader in supplying wireless power solutions for demanding environments – proving that wireless power delivers advantages in performance, reliability, and total cost of ownership, while meeting stringent safety standards.

Our wireless power systems deliver connector and contact replacement solutions for systems operating in demanding situations, including:

  • Harsh Environments: moisture, dust, dirt, oil, etc.
  • High Mobility Requirements: rotating , angled connections, high number of mating cycles (connect / disconnect)
  • Sensitive Situations: safety precautions, encased devices/systems
  • Autonomous Battery Charging: Pad and Mat surfaces that robots, ROV, drones, etc. can return to for battery recharge without human intervention

Our product portfolio includes delivering wireless power across rotating joints as well as point-to-point, transferring control and data information, all without mechanical connectors.  Our range of solutions include:

  • Wireless Power Connectors: 1:1 or one:many wireless power transfer to overcome limitations of hard wired or battery based systems
  • Wireless Slip Rings: Frictionless and contact-free slip ring; supplies power to rotating, highly mobile industrial equipment.

Wireless power and data transfer using PowerbyProxi’s patented coupling technology provides “contact-free” connectivity enabling safer, more robust and more reliable systems.

PowerbyProxi’s vision for wireless power

The video below highlights just some of the benefits and advantages of wireless power and offers an insight into a world where wireless power is widely integrated into a number of mission critical environments.

Resonant Wireless Power Application