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Wireless Power Standards

We believe that an industry standard for wireless power must ultimately deliver real, tangible benefits to consumers.  As a result we are committed to putting the customer first by using our expertise and IP to improve the functionality, interoperability and flexibility of existing standards until a unified standard emerges.

Our decision to join the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) was driven by demand from customers who wanted to see us support and extend one of the most well-established and widely supported wireless charging standard in the market – Qi. As a full member, we are able to contribute to the ongoing advancement of technical capabilities of the Qi standard in collaboration with the other members.

PowerbyProxi has also been a full member of the wireless standards initiative being led by the Consumer Electronics Association since June 2010. Our involvement with both these standards allows us to contribute directly to the development of a superior standard for wireless charging that is cost effective and can be integrated easily into devices, while ultimately providing a better wireless charging experience for consumers. In order to achieve a standard that consumers deserve, we believe that 6 fundamental wireless standard requirements must be delivered:

  • Full Spatial Freedom for the placement of devices anywhere on a charging pad
  • The ability to charge Multiple Device simultaneously
  • Interoperability – the ability to charge different brands and models of devices on the same transmitter
  • Integrated receivers in the device to eradicate the need for added charging covers and sleeves
  • Efficiency levels from the plug to the device that meet or exceed the performance of existing cable based power solutions
  • Consumer safety by keeping to the lowest effective transmission frequency.

We will continue to listen to our customers and leverage our position as an independent entity on these wireless standards bodies to contribute to the advancement of resonant wireless charging solutions and strive for a standard that offers the greatest benefit to the end-user.