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12w shipping class

In order to meet growing customer demand to trial and test our wireless power solutions, we offer a range of products for different power requirements, from heavy duty wireless slip ring solutions down to leading edge wireless charging solutions for smartphones.  These products and evaluation kits enable our customers to experience the benefits of integrated wireless power and data systems by testing our solutions on their own products and in the comfort of their own R&D and Engineering facilities.

Proxi-Module:  The Proxi-Module family is the latest addition to our product line. These are completely modular wireless power systems designed to be integrated and adapted into existing system, but can also be used as stand-alone products for industrial and commercial use. Proxi-Modules are very high efficiency systems (over 90%), while achieving the highest power density of any wireless power system available.

Proxi-Point: The Proxi-Point family includes 1-to-1, and in some cases, one-to-many wireless power products designed for industrial and commercial use.  Proxi-Point solutions are IP rated and available for plug-and-play integration.  They include rotational capabilities and increased tolerance for misalignment between the receiver and transmitter.

Proxi-2D: The Proxi-2D family includes solutions for consumer electronic devices, including smartphones, and are pad-based with miniaturised receiver technology for integration into smaller consumer devices.

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