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Wireless Power for demanding applications

July 7, 2016 / 0 Comments / 356 / Industrial Applications
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PowerbyProxi continues to examine a world where wireless power is a part of everyday life – a world where the last cable has been unplugged.  In this video we extend our vision to healthcare and demanding, mission critical Industrial environments.  We consider Factory Automation, Wind Turbine, Materials Handling and Marine applications and the added value that Wireless power can play in driving greater efficiency, safety and productivity.

Transcript for the video is included below:

PowerbyProxi continues a look into a world where the last cable has been unplugged.  A world where wireless power promotes efficiency, safety and reliability in mission critical and demanding industrial environments.

In hospitals and healthcare settings, wireless power creates a cleaner and more hygienic environment where devices and machines can be easily re-configured.  There is no longer the hazards associated with power cords which can collect grime and dirt and act as a physical obstacle. Combined Power and Data solutions further improve the ability for medical practitioners to make accurate diagnoses.  Wearable technology and internal devices powered wirelessly, will monitor and transmit information of a patient’s health, aiding early detection and prevention of diseases.  Surgical instruments no longer require physical connectors, enabling hermetical sealing for all tools and contributing to a more sterile and safer operating environment.

Wireless Power also provides opportunities to drive greater efficiencies in manufacturing environments.  Without the masses of cabling required to power multiple machines and automation, factory lines and sensor networks can be easily reconfigured to adapt to changing volumes and workflows.  Similar to hospitals, removal of the power cable has created a more sterile environment for cleanroooms – reducing the risk of product contamination.

Significant benefits are also seen in industries where physical connectors are high maintenance, for instance in Marine environments, where contactless power transfer provides for robust and repeatable recharging of subsea vehicles and sensors. OR Oil drilling and Wind turbine applications where wireless offers a reliable and long-lasting solution to supply power to rotating equipment.  Even in the warehouse where the logistics of charging is problematic, greater efficiency and less downtime is achieved.  Consider for instance, opportunistic wireless charging of automated and electric vehicles, OR power and data transfer on moving equipment to enable added intelligence on lift trucks.  Even smaller devices like RFID and Barcode readers can be remotely monitored for battery levels and be set up to initiate charging at certain times.

Wherever the job is considered difficult, dirty or dangerous, wireless power delivers reliable and sustainable power and data transfer.  As a leader in the innovation of resonant wireless power solutions, PowerbyProxi is looking forward to reducing the reliance on physical connectors and finally unplugging the power cable.

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