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Proxi-2D EVK Development Kit now available

February 19, 2015 / 2 Comments / 294 / Consumer Electronics Solutions, Features
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PowerbyProxi is delighted to announce the availability of our latest evaluation kit for consumer electronic devices – The Proxi-2D EVK Development Kit

This Development Kit represents the next step in resonant technology with higher efficiency, advanced foreign object detection and Qi v1.1 certification.

The Proxi-2D represents a critical next step in the advancement of the Qi specification and shows consumers the possibility of an integrated, resonant system that is backwards compatible with existing Qi devices.

This release reflects overwhelming demand from our customers and partners to accelerate technology development for greater flexibility and convenience for wireless charging, including extending the existing Qi standard.

The Proxi-2D includes a single transmitter and two receivers.  Both the transmitter and receiver can operate in resonant and Qi mode, and are interchangeable with Qi devices.

Included in the kit are spacers to showcase z height testing of the devices at 3, 5 and 7mm, as well as software to enable real time testing and monitoring of both the transmitter and receiver.

Dual mode functionality enables three configurations – testing of Resonant receivers on our resonant transmitter, Qi receivers on our resonant transmitter and finally our resonant receiver on a Qi transmitter.

Resonant Receivers operating on Resonant Transmitter

The first use case allows customers to test with multiple resonant receivers on our resonant transmitter.  Built-in intelligence means the resonant transmitter automatically detects when the receiver has been placed on the pad, powering only those coils which lie directly under the device.

The system is able to deliver up to 7.5Watts of power to each receiver – highlighting the ability to charge larger devices such as phablets and tablets. Core technology features including Multi-device charging and full spatial freedom enable multiple receivers to be charged simultaneously in any location on the transmitter.

Qi Receiver operating on Resonant Transmitter

The second configuration allows for testing of Qi receivers on our dual mode resonant transmitter.  Any current Qi phone on the market can be charged but with added functionality of full spatial freedom for placement anywhere on the charging surface.

The transmitter is able to detect the type of receiver and delivers the required power to the device – up to 5W for current Qi devices.

Resonant Receivers operating on Qi Transmitters

The third configuration enables backward compatibility with current Qi transmitters.  Our dual mode resonant receivers detect the type of transmitter and switch to operate in Qi mode

In such instances, the resonant receiver detects the Qi pad and switches to Qi mode – drawing between 3.5 – 5 watts of power depending on the Qi transmitter.

For each configuration, users are able to monitor and measure the performance of the system, including individual coil status on the transmitter and overall current and voltage characteristics in each mode.

For more information on the development kit and to receive updates on further advancements, please visit the Proxi-2D EVK page.

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