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Trends in Automation Connectivity

May 1, 2013 / 0 Comments / 172 / Industrial Applications
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Wireless power as the new companion to wireless data for process automation is the subject of a great paper presented by Jonathan Jacobs from Automation Week 2012.  In his paper, Jonathan presents a brief overview of the technology and discusses the applications and value derived from wireless power/data combination systems.

PowerbyProxi has worked with over 50 different companies since 2007 to define wireless power and data solutions for their industrial applications, however, as Jonathan noted, the use of the technology is still in in its infancy.  Why?  Well until a few years ago, wireless power had limited ability for control of variable loads and failed to be able to transfer working levels of power in small form factors.

Today it is a different story.  Innovative technologies like our Dynamic Harmonization Control (DHC) and unique coil designs matched with small form factor electronics continue to allow large, higher power transfer in smaller and smaller product footprints.  Our latest example, an M12 diameter connector that supports analog control signals and 6 watts of power,  is now being introduced by our partner TE Connectivity.  This connector, targeted for sensor and control systems on operations like robot grippers or injection molding machines, offer new levels of productivity and reliability in harsh and mission critical environments.

Yes, there are others in the market developing wireless power and data products, but none can match the size versus performance ratio that DHC and PowerbyProxi’s many years of wireless power know-how are bringing to industrial automation.  Ask TE Connectivity.  As a leader in industrial connectors, they are committed to helping their customers realize the return on investment from wireless power/data systems.  Jonathan is spot on when he says that wireless power will fuel the next wave of productivity and performance in industrial automation.

David Terkosky is VP of Business Development – Industrial Technologies

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