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PowerbyProxi at Wireless Power World – Part 4

November 8, 2012 / 0 Comments / 106 / Features
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This post is a continuation of Fady’s speech at Wireless Power World 2012.  Part 3 of the speech can be found here.

So what are we doing?

We are having conversations with customers about these of sorts of benefits rather than a vision of wireless power they think is not really wireless, or a vision of wireless power that can never see the commercial light of day because of safety. Our blog has numerous topics on the subject. We are changing the conversation we are having with CE customers.

As I mentioned we have also been working closely with device companies, semiconductor companies and battery companies to deliver define and deliver a new kind of wireless power experience.

You may have seen our Integrated charging solution for smartphones and tablets Proxi-2D. An actual pad transmitter, capable of charging 2 or more smart phones with integrated receivers in absolutely any position/orientation on the surface.

And our In-Device Wirelessly Rechargeable Battery solution (Proxi-3D) – an industry first 3 dimensional charging system that allows complete flexibility in x, y AND z. Allowing the user to drop and go ANY device they wish to recharge at the same speed as a wired charger, regardless of where in the box the device is placed. The AA battery has a fully integrated wireless power receiver occupying a tiny amount of the battery’s chemistry.

As a company I believe we have been successful in the industrial space because we have focused on solving real problems for real customers. We make things safer, more reliable, and more cost effective for them. When we founded the company, wireless power was and is a means to that end.

As an industry, I don’t believe we are yet solving real problems for real customers in the consumer space. Wireless power is a very short range technology. That is a design envelope that cannot be moved (not safely anyway). All customer benefit must be derived from that fundamental constraint.

We need to change the conversation we are having with consumers to one that focuses on the benefits we can bring rather than the one the industry can never deliver.

Only then can the industry start to win the 2nd moment of truth.

In a world where everything is connected… wireless power is the next major platform!

 Fady Mishriki is CEO & Co-Founder of PowerbyProxi

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