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PowerbyProxi at Wireless Power World – Part 1

October 3, 2012 / 1 Comments / 130 / Features
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Recently I gave a talk at the Wireless Power World conference and expo in Shanghai, which PowerbyProxi was proud to be the lead sponsor for.

As the first Wireless Power Industry Gathering in China, this was a very important show in what will undoubtedly soon become the world’s largest smart phone  market.

My speech was titled “the power to unplug, beyond theory”

To start off, I asked the audience a question, the answer to which still baffles me.

I asked “Who has wireless recharging ability integrated in their cellphone right at this moment?”

7 people raised their hands. Yes 7!!! Out of 250 participants! I thought momentarily, am I at the right conference? Is this Wireless Power World 2012? Surely if we were going to find early adopters, it was here.

Alas, it was true. I thought to myself, if these guys don’t eat their own dog food, how do they expect consumers to adopt wireless power? How can they design better solutions if they don’t have first-hand experience using the existing solutions?

I then asked a second question “for those of you with your phones up, who has a wireless power transmitter that can recharge all your devices at any position on the transmitter?”

I think I counted 4 hands in response to that question.

Since Greg Cross and I founded the company, those 2 questions have encompassed our belief of the minimum definition of wireless power for a consumer device.

Fady is the CEO and co-founder of PowerbyProxithis post is part of a series which will be featured on the blog covering Fady’s speech at Wireless Power World 2012

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