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Wishing won’t make it so

September 19, 2012 / 1 Comments / 220 / Industrial Applications
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Often times we find ourselves wishing that things were different.  We play the “what if” game. Unfortunately this isn’t limited to our personal lives, it also applies to the way we approach our jobs.

Often times, we know that we have a problem that just keeps occurring and we assume that it is just how it has to be.  It’s always been that way, smarter people than me have tried to change it, but it is still happening.  I find this to be true with engineers when it comes to electrical connectors.  Their local connector distributor comes in with the latest design that they guarantee will fix the problem.  They are skeptical, but try it.  When they first put it in it seems better, but at the worst possible time, the new connector fails just like the old one did.  Maybe it lasted two months longer, so a little improvement, but it just cements the thought that this problem just cannot be fixed. You hate being called to the plant in the middle of the night to fix it, but what else can you do?

PowerbyProxi has worked with companies to develop non-contacting connectors called the Proxi-Point.  The Proxi-Point can be sealed to IP 69 level, deliver power from watts to kilowatts, has no moving parts or frictional connection, allows for the direct replacement of current mechanical connectors while offering a high reliability, no maintenance solution.

I know, you’re saying, why try it, it will just end up like every other connector I have tried. Unlike the next generation contacting connector, a non-contacting connector truly eliminates the sources of connector failure.

Isn’t it time you show everyone that those other people really weren’t smarter than you?

David Terkosky is VP of Business Development – Industrial Technologies

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