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Secret to a good night’s sleep

August 6, 2012 / 0 Comments / 141 / Industrial Applications
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Working at PowerbyProxi and with my colleagues on the convenience of wireless recharging of my smartphone is great, but to be honest with you, there are times as a manufacturing person I wish the battery were dead.

It is 3 a.m. and you’re finally getting that much needed REM sleep, and your phone starts to ring. Your spouse mumbles something as they roll away from you and your noisy phone.  It’s the plant. Another connector failure on a bolster that is being put into the press has the line down and you need to come in to repair it.  Why?  These stupid connectors repetitively get damaged during bolster change, or contamination has built up while the bolster was out of the press and it won’t connect anymore.

As you drive to the plant blurry eyed in the darkness you say to yourself “there must be a better way.”  Well one major automotive company went from thinking to acting.  They contacted PowerbyProxi and asked, “can you help?”.  The answer was absolutely!

Working with the customer, PowerbyProxi has installed one of our Proxi-Point solutions that offers non-contacting, robust, IP68 sealed transmission and receiving of power through an airgap to eliminate the chances for corrosion or damaged pins. The system is fully automatic, so as a new bolster is rolled into the press, the transmitter and receiver are brought into close proximity and the power is instantly flowing – powering up all of the controls, sensor and actuators.  Oh, and before I forget, the system has integrated data transfer with our Proxi-Com solution, so in this application, Ethernet/IP data is also flowing bi-directionally through the same wireless connector.

So, while you’re on your way to the plant in the dark to fix this connector problem again, in another town, your counterpart at this automotive company is sleeping like a baby.

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David Terkosky is VP of Business Development – Industrial Technologies

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