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Can’t find the strike zone?

August 13, 2012 / 0 Comments / 129 / Industrial Applications
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The sun is shining, there is a cool breeze blowing in from left field.  Yes, its Thursday afternoon and you’re at the businessman’s special watching your home town heroes play their arch rivals. As is the American baseball tradition, you have a hot dog in one hand, a cold beverage in the other, and a bag of peanuts rests on your lap just waiting to be cracked open.  On the field, however, things aren’t going so well.  The Ace is on the mound but he can’t seem to find the plate, he has walked three straight batters.  The fan behind you, an obvious fanatic, has an old transistor radio and is listening to the broadcast while watching the game and you hear the broadcaster say. “Joe is really having a pitch control problem today.”

Just then your phone buzzes, a new text message.  You put your beverage between your knees and look at the message.  You instantly realize that Joe is not the only person with a pitch control problem.  It’s “the farm”, turbine 7 is down due to lost connection on the mechanical slip ring on the pitch control system. They want you to come ASAP to climb the tower and get the turbine back up and running, as downtime equals lost revenue.   So much for those peanuts.

Now I am a guy that is fascinated with mechanical equipment and I admire the ingenuity and creativity that has led to such innovation, and this includes the mechanical slip ring and automotive ignition systems (yes they were mechanical at one time).  These mechanical designs were solutions to problems that haunted engineers for years and offered unique capability.  However, like points in the old mechanical ignition systems that has now been replaced by electrical fuel injection systems, the time for the mechanical slip ring needs to be in the past.

PowerbyProxi has worked with companies to develop an all-electric, non-contacting slip ring replacement called the Proxi-Ring.  This system that can be sealed to IP 69 level, deliver power from watts to kilowatts, and has no moving parts or frictional connection, allowing for the direct replacement of current mechanical slip rings with a high reliability, no maintenance solution.  So while you’re walking up the aisle with that unopened bag of peanuts, another company’s reliability team is ordering their second cold beverage as the reliever runs in from the bullpen.  See you at the ballpark.

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David Terkosky is VP of Business Development – Industrial Technologies

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