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5 reasons to use contactless slip rings

February 7, 2011 / 0 Comments / 688 / Industrial Applications
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PowerbyProxi, developers of high-efficiency, industrial wireless power solutions, have introduced alternative power technologies that reduce or avoid the problems of brush slip ring designs. The company’s contactless slip rings transmit power and data between stationary and rotating frames without the use of conventional slip rings or brushes. In these devices, there is no physical contact between the rotating and fixed parts of the apparatus. Inductive components are used to provide a reliable and efficient transfer of electrical power and data across the rotational boundary.

Fady Mishriki, CEO and Co-Founder of PowerbyProxi says “The conventional approach of using a mechanical slip ring  to transfer power and data can be problematic, expensive and unreliable. By eliminating friction-based connection failures, wireless power transfer can reduce operation and maintenance costs, preserve data continuity, and free designers to create innovative solutions.”

For example, our contactless slip ring solutions, offers these capabilities:

1.    Provides cost-effective, maintenance-free alternative to mechanical slip ring devices

2.    Eliminates friction or heating between rotating and stationary components

3.    Provides highly efficient transfer of power and data across short distances through inductive power transfer.

4.    Enables complete freedom of movement (360° continuous rotation) across rotary joints, unlimited RPM and no need for lubrication and cooling.

5.    Replaces through-hole slip rings and other wired electrical connectors. Proxi-Ring components can be manufactured for easy  “plug and play” replacement of existing mechanical slip ring components.

3 applications where contactless slip rings provide substantial benefits:

Wind turbines.

Traditionally, DC servo motors have been used for wind turbine pitch control actuation. However, the trend toward larger turbines, increasingly isolated installations, and continued use of operate until failure maintenance practices drives down reliability and increases the total cost of energy (COE) of wind power operations. Also, slip ring devices fail frequently and require regular maintenance, cleaning and brush replacement, which results in expensive downtime.

Adding brushless PowerbyProxi slip rings and dynamic harmonization control technologies to wind turbine pitch control systems during the design and operations-maintenance phases of the turbine lifecycle can improve performance and reduce operations and maintenance costs. Proxi-Ring technology includes no moving parts, which can fail or cause false restarts. Wireless power solutions can reduce wiring failures. And, PowerbyProxi technology provides unlimited and continuous rotation speeds, which enable wind turbine designs to operate in variable load operating environments.

Radar operations.

Like wind turbine applications, PowerbyProxi radar solutions provide 360° continuous rotation across rotary joints. However, these solutions also require continuous data transmission to enable safety and technical analysis.  PowerbyProxi solutions are designed to operate in a wide variety of communications systems. Fully integrated wireless data supports most industrial protocols, including  CAN-Bus (J1939), RS 485, RS 422, Ethernet, and PLC (4-20mA).

Heavy machinery in extreme environments.

PowerbyProxi solutions are also designed to operate in heavy machinery that operates in wet, dirty, or other hostile environments. The company’s first Proxi-Ring system was a forestry solution. It had to be highly corrosion resistant, able to withstand extreme heat, cold and humidity, and survive shocks of up to 50 Gs. These capabilities, high power transmission reliability, and plug-and-play installation reduced the cost of replacing hard-cabled power alternatives.

Test how wireless power can improve designs in your company today with one of our products.

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