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Innovative Wireless Power Alternatives to Conventional Slip Ring Systems

January 31, 2011 / 0 Comments / 259 / Industrial Applications
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Industrial designers, engineers and manufacturers in industries that employ machinery with rotating parts or operate in hostile or hard-to-reach work environments need new ways to ensure continuous data transmission and reduce critical downtime that occurs from failed electrical and mechanical connectors.

Slip ring technology was developed to overcome the constraints of power cables and mechanical components, which can increase maintenance costs in hostile environments and limit design options in applications that use moving parts.

Carbon brush slip rings were an early design alternative. These electromechanical components when used with brushes, provide a continuous electrical connection between rotating parts and stationary conductors. However, these devices incur downtime due to failed electrical and mechanical connectors. Mechanical, through hole, and high-current slip ring designs also limit designers’ and manufacturers’ ability to power systems in wet, dirty or hostile conditions that involve vibration and 360 degree movement.

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