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Battery Recharging without Power Connectors

September 21, 2010 / 0 Comments / 138 / Industrial Applications
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The value of technology declines sharply when its usage is limited by location. One of the most restrictive factors is access to power.

When devices are used in an environment unfriendly to electrical applications or a hard-to-reach location, even the most innovative technologies lose their relevance if they don’t have the appropriate amount of power.  In some environments, getting a charge to a battery or charging many batteries at once can be a challenge

That’s why PowerbyProxi is investing in the development of a new generation of high-efficiency industrial wireless power technology, which will make more devices more useful in more locations. To provide maximum configuration and customization capabilities, we’re developing technology solutions that breathe new power – literally – into the process of charging batteries.

We believe the range of scenarios in which this technology will prove beneficial is nearly endless and that industrial designers and industrial engineers will have new freedom to develop innovative power systems to charge products that help users do their jobs easier and provide competitive advantage for businesses.

Wireless Battery Charging Power Systems

Recharging large volumes of batteries quickly and efficiency without the hassle of plugging in each electrical connection point is a challenge for mobile teams or field service organizations. Imagine the time, money and lives that could be saved if military, search and rescue, maintenance, or safety responders weren’t limited by traditional sources of power for the batteries that operate devices critical to the mission. By harnessing the power of wireless technology, we believe that mass battery recharging and battery replacement will make location-based static recharge requirements become obsolete.

Battery Replacement

Wireless charging or battery replacement is also relevant to less mobile situations that provide industrial strength value. Placing power charging capabilities in proximity to where a medical device, industrial equipment or heavy machinery is at rest can eliminate the need for batteries and reduce operator error in maintaining charges. This not only benefits the environment by keeping batteries out of landfills but can reduce maintenance costs associated with the purchase and replacement of batteries.

Regardless of the industry or specific scenario, at PowerbyProxi we are engaged in exploring how to eliminate the design constraints that have traditionally limited the effectiveness of applications dependent on battery power.

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