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Frost Report: Extending Wireless Power Transfer into Extreme Environments

August 10, 2010 / 0 Comments / 145 / Industrial Applications
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PowerbyProxi is commercializing wireless power transfer (WPT) technology in applications for the manufacturing, aviation, and agricultural industries. These industrial applications have put WPT on the radar of business analysts such as Frost & Sullivan.

Recently, we spoke with Frost analysts about our technology, resulting in Advanced Manufacturing Technology Alert which can be foundĀ here (free registration required).

The report highlights some key advantages of PowerbyProxi solutions to deliver efficient, cable-free power in extreme conditions.

  • PowerbyProxi offers several WPT-based technologies designed to eliminate power cables and deliver power in hot, wet, corrosive, or isolated work environments.
  • Our proprietary Proxi-Wave technology uses dynamic harmonization control (DHC), a scalable and instantaneously adjustable type of induction, to transmit power over short and long distances.
  • Over short distances, DHC enables power transfer of more than 90% (as measured from plug in the wall to the load drawn by the receiver).
  • Scalable Proxi-Wave technology also enables transfer of 1W to 10kW of power. Over longer distances up to 2 meters, Proxi-Wave responds quickly and accurately to changes in loads.

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