Proxi-Ring 240W

The Proxi-Ring™ 240W is able to deliver up to 240 watts of power with no physical connection, providing a reliable alternative to traditional mechanical slip rings used to get power to hydraulic actuation and control systems across rotating joints. The tougher the environment, the more design features we can provide to make it work and keep your systems working 24/7.


  • Proxi-Ring™ powered wireless slip ring
  • Circuits completely friction free
  • Fast and accurate response to load variations with 1% accuracy
  • Power channels: maximum output current 10 A (total across all channels) at 24 VDC


The Proxi-Ring™ is a standalone electrical device that enables transfer of power and data across an electrical rotary joint referred to as a slip ring, electric swivel, rotary electrical interface, commutator or a collector.

The Proxi-Ring™ is a next generation solution to replace existing mechanical slip rings. It provides a reliable and maintenance free alternative and does not require friction based metal and/or carbon brush contacts to enable power and data transfer.

Input power is transferred inductively using a standard 24 VDC power supply. Up to 10A peak can be drawn from the receiver at 24 VDC.

The Proxi-Ring™ is available as a plug and play modular system which can be used to upgrade slip rings in new or existing equipment.


  • Elimination of friction or heating between rotating and stationary circuit contacts
  • Cost effective maintenance free alternative to traditional slip rings
  • Unlimited continuous rotation
  • Corrosion and water proof – immersion rating of IP67
  • Plug and play modular system compatible with existing power supplies and CAN bus communication
  • Transfer power through any non-metallic material including liquids, solids and gases
  • Eliminate unreliable cables and coil cords
  • Solves continuity of delivery and maintenance pain points
  • Simplify implementation/installation processes
  • Create unique competitive advantages in the design, operation and convenience of products
  • Reduce high installation and ongoing maintenance costs

Typical Applications

  • Hydraulic wind turbine pitch control systems
  • Hydraulic control valves and actuators
  • Forestry & construction machinery
  • Robot end effectors
  • Medical equipment
  • Revolving doors
  • Process automation equipment
  • Night navigation systems


Electrical Specifications

Voltage 24 VDC
Number of power circuits Customizable, up to a total of 10 A across all channels
Output Current 6.5 A continuous, 10 A peak
Power transfer efficiency 84%

Environmental Specifications

Temperature -40°C to +60°C (-40°F to +140°F)
Environment sealing IP67
Operating shock 500 m/s2
Vibration 14.9 Grms

Mechanical Specifications

Operating speed 100 RPM
Lead length 1.5m (Tx/Rx)
Weight (pair) 5kg
Transmission Distance (z-axis) 0 – 6 mm (for max power)
Housing Aluminum with acetal cap

Data Communications

Protocol RS-485, RS-232, RS-422, CANBus, Ethernet, GPIO
Data rate / No. of data circuits 250kpbs (customizable up to a total of 250kbps across all channels)


Dimensions in millimeters [inches] unless otherwise specified

PR240 mech