Wireless Power Products

Since its inception in 2007, PowerbyProxi has built and delivered over 50 solutions for major OEM’s and component manufacturers. As a result of the growing demand, we are now able to release our first range of standardized products.

Proxi-Point 12W

The Proxi-Point 12 provides 12 watts of available power which is ideal for variable load environments.  The unit excels in supplying wireless power and data to control systems and process […]

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Proxi-Ring 240W

240 watts of wireless power and data to replace mechanical slip rings used to get power to hydraulic actuation and control systems across rotating joints. The tougher your environment, the […]

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Proxi-Point 150W

A whopping 150 watts of available power which makes it ideal for variable load environments in the supply of power and wireless data to a range of applications.  The Proxi-Point […]

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Proxi-Ring 480W

The Proxi-Ring 480 delivers 480 watts of power to provide the ideal solution for large power transfer requirements, eliminating unreliable cables, coil cords, slip rings and other connections. It provides a […]

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Proxi-Point for LTC4120

*For Engineering Evaluation Purposes only, until further notice* The Proxi-Point is a fully assembled, tested and certified transmitter unit capable of supplying power to 1 receiver module and offers features […]

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