In order to meet growing customer demand to trial and test our wireless power solutions, we offer a range of products for different power requirements, from heavy duty wireless slip ring solutions down to leading edge wireless charging solutions for smartphones.  These products and evaluation kits enable our customers to experience the benefits of integrated wireless power and data systems by testing our solutions on their own products and in the comfort of their own R&D and Engineering facilities.

Select the product below which will most likely to fit your needs.

Proxi-Point™ 12W (M30) Inductive Coupler

The Proxi-Point™ 12W (M30) is a compact wireless power and data connector, built to reliably deliver up to 12 Watts in harsh, variable load environments.  The Proxi-Point™ 12W (M30) uses inductive coupling […]

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Proxi-Point™ 12W

The Proxi-Point™ 12W provides 12 watts of available power which is ideal for variable load environments.  The unit excels in supplying wireless power and data to control systems and process […]

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Proxi-Point™ 150W Connector & Wireless Slip Ring

The Proxi-Point™ 150W is a next-generation, FCC compliant solution providing a reliable and maintenance-free alternative to traditional cables, connectors, and slip-rings. Features 150 W continuous power. 240 W up to one […]

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Proxi-Point Transmitter for the LTC4120

*For Engineering Evaluation Purposes* The Proxi-Point is a fully assembled, tested and certified transmitter unit capable of supplying power to 1 receiver module and offers features such as foreign object […]

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Proxi-2D EVK Wireless Charging Development Kit

The Proxi-2D EVK is a wireless charging development kit for semiconductor vendors which includes hardware and software tools for developing wireless charging pad solutions for consumer electronic devices.   Our latest […]

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