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The world’s first high availability, high efficiency wireless power slip ring, capable of supplying power to rotating, highly mobile industrial equipment.  The Proxi-Ring is a serious alternative to mechanical slip rings currently available on the market and a real engineering solution for customers who have avoided the use of mechanical slip rings to date due to their poor performance and high maintenance costs.

Wherever high-value, mission critical solutions require power and data to be transferred across a rotating joint, we can replace an existing slip ring with our wireless power slip ring.

Several of our Proxi-Ring products are available for purchase including our Proxi-Ring 240W & 480W units, otherwise we provide a range of evaluation kits to test and try out for your application.


  • 360o continuous rotation
  • Unlimited RPM
  • Lubrication and cooling not required
  • Increase up time and reliability
  • Reduced total cost of ownership
  • Plug and play retro-fit system
  • Integrated wireless data supporting most Industrial protocols including CAN-Bus (J1939), RS485, RS422, Ethernet, PLC (4-20mA)


Our first major customer application was in the forestry industry for John Deere. This was a hostile, highly demanding environment — requiring a solution that was hermetically sealed, could stand a wide range of operating temperatures (from hot and humid to snow and ice), and could withstand shocks of up to 50Gs in force.

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We have also successfully implemented our Proxi-Ring into several wind turbines in Spain alongside leading renewables operation and maintenance service provider, IM Future.  The system is designed to remove the failures and intermittent connections cause by mechanical slip rings and provide reliable transfer of power and data between the nacelle and hub of the wind turbine.

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