Proxi-Ring Wireless Slip Ring

The world’s first high efficiency, frictionless wireless power slip ring, capable of supplying power to rotating, highly mobile industrial equipment.

The Proxi-Ring is a standalone electrical device that enables transfer of power and data across an electrical rotary joint referred to as a slip ring, electrical swivel, rotary electrical interface, commutator or a collector.  The Proxi-Ring is designed as a next generation resonant solution to replace existing mechanical slip rings – providing a reliable and maintenance free alternative that doesn’t rely on friction based metal and/or carbon brush contacts to enable power and data transfer.  Wherever high-value, mission critical solutions require power and data to be transferred across a rotating joint, we can replace an existing slip ring with our wireless power slip ring.

Our integrated wireless communication system  (Proxi-Com) acts as an invisible link, requiring no programming – simply cut the cable and place the Proxi-Ring at either end – your controllers won’t know the difference.


  • Full contactless design – elimination of friction or heating between rotating and stationary circuit contacts
  • Cost-effective maintenance-free alternative to traditional slip rings
  • Solves continuity of power/data delivery and maintenance problems
  • Simplify implementation and installation processes
  • Create unique competitive advantages in the design, operation and convenience of your products


Proxi-Ring applications can be found in just about any industry as design engineers start to understand the ability of wireless power to overcome the constraints of traditional mechanical slip rings.

Forestry Harvesting:

Our first major customer application was in the forestry industry for John Deere. This was a hostile, highly demanding environment — requiring a solution that was hermetically sealed, could stand a wide range of operating temperatures (from hot and humid to snow and ice), and could withstand shocks of up to 50Gs in force.

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Wind Turbine Control Systems:

We have also successfully implemented our Proxi-Ring into several wind turbines in Spain alongside leading renewables operation and maintenance service provider, IM Future.  The system is designed to remove the failures and intermittent connections caused by mechanical slip rings and provide reliable transfer of power and data between the nacelle and hub of the wind turbine.

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