Proxi-Point Wireless Connector

The Proxi-Point enables one-to-one, or one-to-many wireless power transfer which is ideal for getting power to sensors in hard to reach locations, and recharging batteries.

The Proxi-Point is a standalone electrical device that enables transfer of power and data across any non-metallic material. The Proxi-Point is a next generation resonant solution providing a reliable and maintenance free alternative to traditional unreliable power cables, coil cords and connectors.  In addition it can be used to enable non-contact recharging of batteries.PP12outline

PowerbyProxi designs a number of Proxi-Point solutions to match various power requirements.  Our Proxi-Point 12 is ideal for battery charging with the ability to deliver 12 V up to a distance of 25 mm, while our Proxi-Point 150 is able to deliver 150 Watts – up to a distance of 6 mm at high efficiency.

Our integrated wireless communication system (Proxi-Com) acts as an invisible link, requiring no programming – simply cut the cable and place the Proxi-Point at either end – your controllers won’t know any difference.


  • Solve continuity of power/data delivery and maintenance problems
    • Forklift naked2Recharging multiple batteries from a single Power transmitter
    • Delivering wireless power to a battery management system when the moving half of the application is in a rest or neutral position
  • Simplify implementation/installation processes
  • Reduce high installation and on-going maintenance costs
    • Eliminate corrosion prone metallic contact points
    • Create products that can be easily installed and waterproofed
  • Create unique competitive advantages in the design, operation and convenience of your products


Proxi-Point applications can be found in just about any industry as design engineers start to understand the ability of wireless power to overcome the constraints of existing hard wired or battery based applications.  PowerbyProxi has supplied working solutions to over 30 global customers, including many Tier 1 companies, in a broad range of industrial applications, including:

  • Forestry and construction machinery
  • Robot end effectors
  • Materials Handling applications including Forklifts and Reachlifts
  • Industrial sensors
  • LED Lighting
  • Extremities sensing applications
  • Process automation equipment
  • Aerospace

Toughness Test

In order to operate reliably in harsh and uncompromising environments, the Proxi-Point is thoroughly tested under a range of conditions – what we call the toughness test (see video below).

Several of our Proxi-Point products are available as evaluation kits for purchase including our Proxi-Point 12 and Proxi-Point 150.

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