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The Proxi-Point enables one to one or one to many wireless power transfer which is ideal for getting power to sensors in hard to reach locations, and recharging batteries.

Proxi-Point applications can be found in just about any industry as design engineers start to understand the ability of wireless power to overcome the constraints of existing hard wired or battery based applications.

In order to operate reliably in harsh and uncompromising environments, the Proxi-Point is thoroughly tested under a range of conditions – what we call the toughness test (see video below).

Several of our Proxi-Point products are available for purchase including our Proxi-Point 12, otherwise we provide a range of evaluation kits to test and try out for your application.


  • Autonomous charging
  • Charge multiple devices simultaneously
  • Eliminate corrosion prone metallic contact points
  • Create products that can be easily installed and waterproofed


Interesting applications we have worked with include:

  • Getting power to a sensor across a pivoting joint
  • Recharging multiple batteries from a single Power transmitter
  • Delivering wireless power to a battery management system when the moving half of the application is in a rest or neutral position

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