Proxi-Loom Wireless Harness

PowerbyProxi’s resonant Proxi-Loom system allows for power delivery to multiple wireless sensors from a track loop without any physical contact to replace complex wiring harnesses. The Proxi-Loom is emerging as a powerful solution in many different industries where the number of sensors and ongoing changes to their location and configuration continue to drive up the cost of traditional solutions.


  • No electrical terminations points = lower cost of installation and certification
  • Move sensors/devices without needing to rewire them
  • Easily and instantly replace faulty sensors/devices


Mission critical solutions we have worked with include:

  • Materials handling systems where the cost of hard wiring sensors in variable configurations was adding huge cost to the installation and ongoing operating costs
  • Transmitting power through different substrates to deliver power to a series of devices without having to drill holes for wires and cables

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