Proxi-Ring 480W


  • Eliminate unreliable slip rings and associated maintenance
  • Transfer power through any non metallic material including liquids, solids and gases
  • Dual channels provide 480W with no redundancy OR 240W with dual redundancy
  • 100% fault tolerant for power in dual redundancy mode
  • Correct slow voltage input to provide ±1% output regulation
  • High speed communication interface
  • Plug and play system compatible with existing power supplies and communication standards


The Proxi-Ring is a standalone electrical device that enables transfer of power and data across any non-metallic material – in essence a wireless slip ring.

The Proxi-Ring PR480-T021 is a next generation solution to eliminate unreliable cables, coil cords, slip rings and other connections. It provides a reliable and maintenance free alternative for 360 degree rotation or stationary power and data systems.

Input power is transferred inductively. A standard power supply can be used to power the PR480-T021 ST power transmitter. The system operates using 24VDC and can provide up to 20A peak from the PR480-T021 SR power receiver. The output voltage is held within a tight 5% tolerance.

The integrated wireless communication system acts as an invisible link and programming is not required — simply cut the cable and place the PR480-T021 in the middle — your controllers will not know any different enabling true wireless freedom.


  • Full contactless design
  • Wide range of communications options available digital & analog
  • Solve continuity of power/data delivery and maintenance problems
  • Simplify implementation/installation processes
  • Reduce high installation and on going maintenance costs
  • Create unique competitive advantages in the design, operation and convenience of your products

Typical Applications

  • Large bore data enabled power couplings
  • Wind turbine contactless slip rings
  • Forestry & construction machinery
  • Industrial robotics
  • Process automation equipment


Electrical Specifications

Input 24V + 5%
24V + 5%
STx Input Power 545W @ 40oC/88% (typical efficiency)
SRx Output Power 372W @ 60oC/87% (typical efficiency)

Environmental Specifications

Temperature -40°F to +140°F -40°C to +60°C
IP Protection Class 64
 Vibration 10-12 GRMS

Mechanical Specifications

Weight STx Assy: 9kg (approx.) / SRx Assy: 6.5kg (approx.)
Operating Speed 30RPM
Housing Powder coated aluminium enclosures for electronics


Data Communications

Protocol CANbus-protocol independent, J1939, DeviceNet and CANopen support.(RS485, RS422, RS232, Ethernet, 4-20mA, 0-5V and GPIO are also available)
Data rate CANbus – auto detect baud rate


Dimensions in millimeters unless otherwise specified.