Evaluation Kits

In order to meet growing customer demand to trial and test our resonant wireless power solutions, we offer a range of evaluation kits for our range of  industrial and consumer electronics technologies.  These kits will enable you to see the benefits of wireless power and integrated wireless power and data systems in your own products and in the comfort of your own R&D and Engineering facilities. Pick the kit most likely to fit your needs and one of our salespeople will contact you to make sure you it will meet your requirements.

We also offer the opportunity to discuss licensing options for our range of resonant transmitter and receiver technologies.

Proxi-Point 12W

The PP12W provides 12 watts of available power which is ideal for variable load environments.  The unit excels in supplying wireless power and data to control systems and process automation equipment […]

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Proxi-Point 150W

Features Wireless power and data supply Fast and accurate response to load variations with 1% accuracy Power channel: maximum output current 6.25A (total across all channels) at 24VDC Up to […]

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Proxi-Ring 240W

Features Wireless slip ring Circuits completely friction free Fast and accurate response to load variations Power channel: maximum output current 10 A (total across all channels) at 24 VDC Description The […]

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Proxi-Point Transmitter for the LTC4120

PowerbyProxi in conjunction with Linear Technology, presents the LTC4120 wireless power transfer system with Proxi-Point transmitter.  Linear Technology (LTC) has developed the LTC4120 – a constant current and voltage wireless […]

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Proxi-2D EVK

The Proxi-2D EVK is a wireless power evaluation kit which includes hardware and software tools for developing wireless charging solutions for consumer electronic devices.   Our latest version, The Proxi-2D […]

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